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How to solve the malfunction of the hot press machine

The use of hot press machines provides assistance for the processing of sheets, allowing them to dry in a short

 period of time and improving work efficiency. However, faults can also occur during use, especially for those that 

have been used for a long time. How should we solve these problems?


If it is a minor malfunction of the hot press, it can be resolved by itself, such as the sealing ring being not tightly 

sealed or severely worn. It can be replaced by checking the surface of the piston to see if there is any serious 


If the main valve of the hot press fails, it will cause automatic oil return and the low-pressure pump will not 

deliver oil, which can lead to pipeline rupture and affect subsequent use. It is necessary to check in a timely 

manner to identify and solve problems. Conduct maintenance on the main valve, check the pipeline, and see 

if the high pressure can be opened. If there are no problems, it will not affect the use.

In addition to inspecting the main valve, it is also necessary to inspect each valve, including the piston and 

valve of the high-pressure pump, adjusting the pressure of the high-pressure safety valve, and inspecting 

the pipeline. If the pressure cannot be maintained during maintenance, it is necessary to determine whether 

each valve can be used normally without any damage or leakage. Daily maintenance and upkeep of the hot 

press is essential, which can help us identify problems in a timely manner.

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