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Is thin wood veneer suitable for using a hot press

The processing of sheet metal will have veneers, and the selection of veneer materials is also different, with different

 thicknesses. Can these veneers be directly used in the hot press during hot pressing?


The use of a hot press machine is not specific to the subsequent veneer, and even thin wood veneers can be used 

as usual. During the veneer process, attention should be paid to some details. If it is a multi-layer veneer, the 

pressure should be applied in the hot press machine at a speed that is not too fast, otherwise it will affect its hot 

pressing effect. The time should be controlled within 2 minutes. If the thickness of each layer is different, it should

 also be controlled within 2 or 3 millimeters, otherwise the hot pressing time will be different, affecting the quality 

of the hot pressing.

If the thickness of the processed hot surface is between 0.2 and 0.3 millimeters, in order to avoid cracking of the 

veneer during the operation of the hot press, water should be sprayed on the veneer before hot pressing to 

maintain the moisture content of the veneer. This will not cause damage to the veneer during processing. This is 

especially important to note that only when the conditions are met can high-quality veneers be processed.

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