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What is the difference between a hot press machine and a cold press machine

Hot press and cold press are both products used by wood panel manufacturers. There are differences in the use of 

the two products, as can be seen from their names. One is hot press and the other is cold press, with different 

temperatures and structures.


The heating device of the hot press machine heats the materials that need to be processed before processing. The 

hot pressing of the board is operated in this way, making the board smoother through this process. The 

woodworking hot press machine is mainly powered by oil pressure and compressed air, so it needs sufficient air 

pressure and volume, and the overall structure is reasonable to complete the hot pressing work.

The structure of a cold press machine does not have a hot pressing device and does not require heating operation. 

The cold press machine can be divided into a cold drying system and a compression system, which can transport 

cold energy. The refrigerant absorbs the heat of the compressed air in it, playing a role in dehydration and drying.

 The drying of the board is completed using these two devices, and the effect of the resulting board is different. 

The temperature of the hot press machine can be maintained evenly, and the board can be reasonably controlled 

during processing.

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