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How much does a wooden bar stacker cost per unit

The use of mechanical equipment is to improve our production efficiency and create more economic value. Although the price of one equipment is relatively high, the increased production after use is obvious. How much does a wooden bar stacker crane sold on the market cost?


At present, the prices of wooden bar stackers sold on the market are not fixed, and the prices of products sold by each manufacturer are different. Even if it is the same manufacturer, the prices of wooden bar stackers with different functions are not the same. They are all used for palletizing, some choose small ones, and some choose large ones. With the enhancement of functions, the price will naturally increase. That is to say, there are many factors that affect the price of wooden bar stackers. It is necessary to understand what kind of functions you need the equipment to achieve, how large the site is used, after-sales service, and so on. These factors determine the market price. Generally, the price of commonly used equipment ranges from 10000 to 50000 yuan. You can consult the merchant for specific information based on actual situation. The selling price of.

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