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Precautions for daily operation of the splicing machine


The daily operation of the splicing machine can smoothly complete the work. If there are problems during operation, it will affect normal operation. Daily details also need to be paid attention to, and only by doing well in details can the product be done well.


The splicing machine can only be started up and used after ensuring that all screws are tightened, which means that the inspection work before starting up should be done well. The workpiece should be placed in the center position of the pressure table, and it is necessary to ensure that the height below the two screw rods is the same, otherwise it will cause the flat plate to break.

Set up the splicing machine according to normal production requirements, check for leaks in the oil circuit, sealing rings, and other phenomena. These problems should not occur during operation, and once the program is set up, work can begin. Maintenance also requires maintenance of the splicing machine. Some components need to be replaced every period of time, and lubrication should be added regularly. It is worth noting that oil should be added frequently at the lifting screw and nut to avoid rust and extend its service life.


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