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Maintenance work before using the splicing machine

A normal working splicing machine also requires proper maintenance work. Whether before or after work, 

maintenance is an inspection of the equipment. If problems are found during this process, they can be solved 

immediately, which is convenient for daily work and reduces damage to the splicing machine.


Before using the splicing machine, there are also corresponding tasks to be done. We need to do a good job of 

pre maintenance work. What we need to do is to first eliminate faults, and when disassembling and assembling 

tools, we must wait for the machine to come to a stable stop before cutting off the power before proceeding.

It is good to have professional operators for the installation and removal of the power supply in the event of a

 power outage. Only those who are proficient in the maintenance of the splicing machine can operate it with 

confidence, and other workers cannot operate it without authorization.

Adjusting the splicing machine according to the material and thickness of the wood is also convenient for the 

operation of the equipment and can extend its service life.

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