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Advantages of using automatic wooden bar stacker

The object of use of the automatic stacking machine for wooden strips is wooden strips, which are commonly used 

in board processing. Wooden strips are products that are not processed into boards and are completed through 

step-by-step operations. When there is no mechanical equipment used, they are manually stacked one by one, and

 they cannot be done much in a day. This is obvious in improving work efficiency.


Improving work efficiency is what mechanical production needs to achieve, and it goes without saying that the use

 of wooden bar palletizers will naturally bring such effects. Not only will efficiency improve, but also in terms of 

sorting, not only speed but also quality. Wooden bar palletizing is for the convenience of later transportation, and 

neat stacking is the effect that needs to be achieved.

Cost saving, for manufacturers, can save costs by obtaining more profits. The cost of purchasing a wooden bar 

stacker crane in the early stage will be higher, but the labor cost saved after it is put into use in the later stage is 

relatively large. Moreover, it can complete more work in the same time, improve production, and also save costs.

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