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What are the effects of not heating the splicing machine

The splicing machine has to work every day, and long-term work can also encounter some problems, such as not

 being able to heat up while working. In this case, it will be suspected that there is a malfunction, which is also an 

urgent problem that needs to be solved. Moreover, the quality of the board produced without heating will also be 



The boards processed by unheated splicing machines cannot penetrate the adhesive used during processing, and 

cannot be firmly bonded together. The boards may crack, which cannot meet the usage requirements, resulting in 

resource waste and increased costs.

When it comes to resource waste, it is not only the waste of not being able to use the early layers of the board, but

 also the other costs invested in processing. Energy consumption and cost investment cannot be proportional, and 

the splicing machine requires more time to complete the work, reducing work efficiency and increasing consumption. 

Therefore, in order to avoid causing greater losses, it is important to promptly resolve any issues that arise during the 

assembly process.

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