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Is there any requirement for the environment for the use of panel collator

As a wood production equipment, the panel splicer is used in the factory. There is not too high requirement for the environment, but it also has its own requirements. First of all, it is required for the environment humidity and temperature. The operating environment humidity of the panel splicer should be in the range of 30% ~ 90%; the environment temperature should be in the range of 0-45 ℃, and the principle of temperature change is not to cause condensation.

In the process of production, there is no lack of dust. The presence of dust not only endangers health, but also has risks, which requires that the dust concentration shall not be greater than 10mg / m3. At the same time, it is required that there should be no conductive dust near the splicing machine, because the energy source of the equipment is electrical energy. If there is conductive dust, it is easy to explode.

In winter, when using the panel splicer, it is required that there shall be no rain or snow in the factory, keep the ground flat and clean, keep the smooth road, and do not cause road blockage, thus affecting the normal operation of the equipment.

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