Heat conducting oil electric heater

Advantages of heat transfer oil electric heater:

1. Replace the electric heater of boiler

2. Environmental protection and no pollution

3. Automatic temperature control

4. Power customization

5. Small floor area

6. Simple operation

7. Safe and reliable

Application scope:

The heat-transfer oil heater is controlled by digital display temperature controller, which has the functions of over temperature alarm, low oil level alarm and over pressure alarm. It is widely used in heat demand industries such as high-temperature setting, plate heating, rubber, drying, printing and dyeing, chemical industry, plywood production, waterproof roll production, asphalt heating, non-woven hot rolling mill, FRP hot press, mold, drying room, oven, etc.

working principle:

The heat transfer oil heater is a new type of heat energy converter equipment. Its working principle is to insert the heating element directly into the organic carrier (heat transfer oil) for heating, use the circulation pump to force the heat transfer oil to circulate in the liquid phase, and transfer the heat to one or more heat using equipment. After the heat is unloaded by the heat using equipment, it will pass the circulation pump again, return to the heater, and then absorb and transfer the heat. Heat supply equipment, so round and round, to achieve continuous heat transfer, so that the temperature of the heated object increases, to meet the public requirements of heating.

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