The first generation of 3 pressing 2 ecological board core pavement line

Side pressure5.5KW1
Main cylinder1606
Side cylinder10010
Total motivation21.4KW

Main uses:

It mainly produces various specifications of fine wood, solid wood, finger plant/flat board, ecological board, science and technology wood, old template and other board cores.


1, to press frame, bottom support, middle support, upper support and hydraulic system and other parts have been rationalized and aggravated, so that the entire machine under greater pressure, so that the quality of the product plate is better.

2, hot pressure automatically closed in the assembly line production equipment, to achieve the mechanical and electrical integration of the hot pressure plate, change the traditional manual plate, better quality than the traditional plate, good strength, reduce the labor intensity of workers, saving wages and expenses, saving raw materials, Shorten the loading time and improve the production efficiency.

3, the four-sided pressure measurement realizes the seamless splicing of the core, improves the tensile force, pressure, flatness of the product plate, and guarantees the quality of the product plate.

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