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Methods for prolonging the service life of the panel splicer

The price of a splicing machine is not cheap. After buying it, they all hope to use it for as long as possible, and there are ways to extend its service life. Daily maintenance is the key. In the previous article, we also introduced its maintenance methods. Next, we will show you how to extend its service life.


The working environment of the panel splicer is suitable for the place without salt, acid gas and corrosive gas. Basically, its working environment can be satisfied, and there are few of these items in the factory producing plates.

Both the direct sunlight and the humidity and temperature in the environment affect the service life of the panel splicer. Generally, it is installed indoors and can avoid direct sunlight. The ambient humidity is between 30% - 90%, and the temperature is between 0-45 ℃. With the guarantee of the large environment, you can also feel at ease during work. In addition to daily maintenance, it is not a problem to extend its service life.

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