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Have you mastered the operation process of the joiner

Woodworking joiner is specialized in the production of plates, which provides convenience for the production of plates. Learn to operate the joiner, save time and improve work efficiency. Now the equipment operation is very simple, and a few buttons can complete the operation. That said, how can the real operation be completed?


To operate the panel assembly machine, first learn its theoretical knowledge, and then operate it in time. Apply glue on its control panel. According to the technical standards, place the plate on the table, push the drive valve, press the bearing beam, stabilize the plate, reset the pull valve and press the bearing beam up to loosen the plate, remove the corresponding plate, and wait for drying. Repeat the above process is the work flow of the panel assembly machine.

Learn the operation of the splicing machine. After the whole process is completed, the plate will be processed. As long as you are the friend who operates the equipment, you should learn the detailed process.

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