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What causes the degumming of the hot press

The use of hot press is indispensable in the production of plates, and it occasionally selects some problems in the work, such as the phenomenon of degumming. What causes its degumming problem is worth paying attention to.


There are many problems that cause degumming of the hot press. The burr groove of the veneer is too deep, and the moisture content of the veneer is too high. The amount of glue applied in Euro-China is insufficient or uneven, and some of them are of poor quality, resulting in degumming.

The glue that has not been used for too long is dry, and the adhesive film cannot be formed during the work. The pressure of the hot press is insufficient or the temperature is too low, and the time of hot press is too short, and the degumming will also occur. All of these situations can be avoided. Knowing the problem, it is much easier to avoid it.

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