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What is the reason why the jigsaw does not heat up

Editor: Mori Yiyuan mechanical        Time: November 21, 2020

       People who do plate production all know that the jigsaw is one of the main production equipment. It is to glue between the sheets to be glued, flattened by physical means, and then dried for about 3 hours, and a piece of board is assembled. However, the premise is that the heating function of the jigsaw can not be damaged. If the jigsaw does not heat up, it may be caused by the following reasons:

      1. You're not fully powered up.

      2. Your heating material is not pure iron, because of its high permeability, it is easy to be heated.

      3. The resonance relationship between your coil and your device does not match.

      4. Your heating workpiece is too small to be coupled with enough energy.

      5. After the workpiece is put in, the inductance changes greatly, which does not match with the resonant capacitor bank and transformer inside the equipment.

      The above is the reason why the machine is not heated. It is better to measure the input and output of the power supply to see if it is still within the rated range. If not, it means that the internal capacitor bank may be burnt out. The company's jigsaw strict control of the production process and quality testing, if there are any problems, welcome to consult.

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