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What should we pay attention to if we want to make the production efficiency more efficient?

Editor: Senyuan wood industry jigsaw     Time: November 7, 2020

      The machine is often used in the panel processing of ecological board. It has the advantages of simple operation, strong practical performance and remarkable effect in reducing labor intensity. So it is a problem to be solved to improve the efficiency of the machine.

      In order to make the jigsaw machine run reasonably, and not to stop the machine due to damage in the middle of the way, and not to affect the safety due to the failure of machine parts, we should pay attention to the following matters:

    (1) Check the lubrication of each component and the tightening of screws before starting the machine.

    (2) When leveling the plates, the operator should stand on both sides of the machine. It is strictly forbidden to stand in front of, behind or above the machine. The workpiece surface should be kept clean and free of welding metal.

    (3) Small or long plate. Plates conforming to the equipment specifications shall be placed in front of the two rollers as backing plates. The small or long block to be flattened is placed on the support plate for flattening. In general, it should be noted that the end of the support block should be at least 300 ram away from the roller and should not be tilted.

    (4) The plates to be pressed placed on the bottom plate shall be staggered with each other and shall not be in a straight line, and the front and rear distance between the two workpieces shall not be less than 100 mm.

    (5) When leveling the workpiece, the drum should be lowered a little. Each descent is limited to L ~ 2ram, and the position of the pointer should be noted.

    (6) After operation, loosen the roller and take out the workpiece and backing plate.

    The above is the ecological board core splicing machine should pay attention to the problem, hope to help you.

                                              Ecological board core splicing machine

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