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How to eliminate the trouble of the board splicing machine

As a kind of wood industry equipment that the wood industry plate manufacturers will choose, basically every board manufacturer will have a must, and friends who have used experience will know that after several years of use, the equipment will have faults, which need regular maintenance and troubleshooting at the same time.


First of all, we talk about the common fault in the use of the first board splicing machine, which is the discharge of the plate due to short circuit or over-current. Usually, the reason for this situation is that the glue overflows to the upper and lower plates due to excessive gluing. If there are serious scars on the upper and lower plates during wood processing, the quality of the selected plate is the key.

Secondly, the occurrence of over-current fault is mostly caused by improper use. Therefore, the staff are required to be proficient in the operation process and master the operation skills to avoid the occurrence of fault and ensure the safety of the staff.

The above is a few small troubleshooting and solutions on the jigsaw, hope to help users, more information please check the forest source wood machinery.


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