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The usage characteristics of wooden bar stacker crane

The use of wooden bar stackers is customized according to processing needs, and only those that are customized 

can meet the usage needs. Most of these devices are customized, and the size of the installation plant and the size

 of the object of use can be used to process suitable stackers.


The wooden bar stacker has a simple structure and stable performance, consisting of two main parts: mechanical 

structure and control system. It is mainly used in automatic production lines for sheet materials, improving work 

efficiency. In practical operation, the operating speed of the wooden bar stacker is determined by the front end 

conveying, and the speed can be automatically adjusted with just one switch to solve the problem. It can be set 

according to the daily processing speed.

The wooden bar stacker can be said to be an automated operating equipment that automatically shapes, positions, 

identifies, grabs, and stacks. Throughout the entire working process, it can achieve sustainable stacking and improve

 work efficiency. The use of mechanical equipment is to solve the problem of processing efficiency. Most of the 

production process of sheet metal adopts mechanized production, which also saves costs for manufacturers.

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