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Precautions for operation of veneer hot press

The veneer hot press can be said to be a specific hot press, which is an important equipment in plate production. Its production capacity also affects its output, and is also an important factor in our selection of products.


Small workpieces are processed using a facing hot press, properly adjusted and used to prevent malfunctions caused by improper operation. If any malfunctions occur, they should be shut down for inspection. Control the hot pressing time during work. Long time contact with high-temperature pressing plates can affect the hot pressing effect and adhesion of the plates. When working with a veneer hot press, it is also necessary to pay attention to parameter settings. The time required for hot pressing is different for plates of different structural levels, which requires the staff to skillfully grasp the characteristics of the plates and the use of machinery and equipment.

When using the veneer hot press, it is necessary to properly control the temperature of the product. The equipment will be equipped with a numerical control device to control the temperature, with high accuracy. Just set the time and temperature waiting time.

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