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Do you understand the assembly process of the automatic plate assembly machine

The automatic assembly machine needs to be installed by the manufacturer when it is delivered to the user, because the volume of a assembly machine is very large, and different parts need to be combined together, that is, the assembly process. How to assemble is the key, and the work can be completed smoothly after assembly.


The loading and unloading of the automatic panel assembly machine is completed by the relevant staff. During the whole loading and unloading process, it is necessary to determine the stability of the machine before taking corresponding protective measures, which is also to prevent the machine from frequent damage. Evacuate the tools used during installation after installation.

The loading and unloading of the splicing machine is determined according to the actual situation of the user. The whole machine is relatively heavy. Use the crane to load, and pay attention to the position of the sling. Skipping saw will cause serious deformation and overturning, thus damaging the machine. These problems should also be considered during installation, and then the staff can learn to operate and process high-quality plates.

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