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What to do if the board splicer can't spell tightly

The main work of the splicing machine is to splice the plates. However, the quality of the plates will be affected if they are not tightly spliced during the splicing process. How to improve this situation?


The method to deal with the looseness of the splicing machine is to confirm whether the edge of the board is processed properly. The edge of the board is required to be processed smoothly, and then the splicing can be continued; Check whether the clamping force is sufficient. If not, increase the clamping force; Check whether the panel clamp is damaged or deformed. If there is deformation, repair and replace the panel clamp to solve this problem; If the position of the panel clamp is reasonable, adjust the position of the panel clamp before continuing to work. Confirm the above details to determine the reason why the panel assembly machine cannot be tightened. Find the problem and solve the problem, so as to improve the splicing quality and work efficiency of the panel.

The operation of the splicing machine is very simple. It can solve the daily problems by itself. It is helpful to know more about its daily use.

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