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Do you have the standard for using the splicing machine

Every industry has its own standards, and the use of woodworking panel machines is no exception. On the one hand, it is an industry 

standard, and on the other hand, it is the relevant usage standards specified by the manufacturer. The development of these standards

 is also to better work and ensure safety in the workplace.


Before using the splicing machine, conducting a safety check on the equipment is a daily task, mainly checking the cables, power lines,

 machine switches, electrical controllers, cutting tools, suction ports, transportation, and maintenance before transportation. After 

confirming that the components are not damaged and can operate normally, the machine can be turned on and used.

When operating the splicing machine, follow the markings on the equipment, especially those with warning signs. Pay close attention 

to those that cannot be operated or need attention. Correct operation not only completes the work smoothly, but also benefits the 

equipment. The requirement for the staff is to wear a good hand mask to avoid accidental injury.

After the work is completed, the splicing machine should be well maintained, especially in areas with significant wear and tear.

 Lubrication is essential, and components such as conveyor belts and cutting edges should be cleaned and checked for areas with 

severe wear to ensure smooth use.

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