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Process for checking the quality of hot press machines

After the hot press machine is processed, its quality needs to be inspected. If there are no problems, it can be put 

into use. During installation, it also needs to be tested. After all accessories are installed, a no-load test run should 

be carried out.


Before the test run, it is necessary to provide operational training to the personnel involved in the test run, develop 

a detailed test run process, divide personnel responsibilities, and establish communication signals. This is also a 

particularly important step in the operation of the hot press. At the same time, it is also necessary to prohibit non 

staff from shouting on site, which may affect the progress of the test run and prevent them from following the 


After training the staff on the operation, check whether the steering of the hot press machine is correct, whether the

 oil level in the tank meets the requirements, and whether the inflation pressure reaches the specified level. Check 

whether the actuator components of each electronic control valve can operate correctly. After confirming that the 

equipment is not faulty, start the machine for trial operation and idle to check whether the equipment can operate 

normally. If there are any problems during this process, stop the machine for inspection and it can be put into use 


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