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The structural characteristics of hydraulic splicing machine

The structure of the splicing machine is related to its use, and the advantages brought by normal operation are all

 realized by its structure. Hydraulic flatbed machines have stable operating speed, high pressure, and even pressure 

application. Applying pressure above and in front of the workpiece can prevent reverse tilting and also achieve a flat

 effect in the splicing process.


The hydraulic splicing machine requires different pressure according to the different specifications of the processed 

workpiece, ensuring that the pressure required for workpiece processing is constant. Its structure also determines its

 working state. It can operate multiple plates simultaneously, has a wide processing range, high efficiency, and is 

suitable for different processing requirements.

The machining center of the splicing machine is an integrated processing system that integrates sawing, milling, 

tenoning, drilling, slotting, grooving, and mortising. It is also a part of the structural embodiment, and the 

processing of the board is completed through the setting of different parts.

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