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Why cannot the splicing machine be heated during operation

The work of the splicing machine is to improve the production efficiency of the sheet metal, but it may also 

encounter some problems during use, such as the inability to heat up normally, which is not helpful for the work. 

It is necessary to stop the machine for inspection, understand the cause, and then solve the problem.


A splicing machine that cannot be heated normally can affect production output. In the production process without

 heating, the adhesive may not penetrate and firmly bond with another board, leading to cracking or detachment, 

which cannot meet production needs.

Some do not heat it in order to save energy, while on the contrary, it further causes energy waste and affects the 

product supply of the enterprise. Heating is necessary in production. If it is not caused by human factors, or if the 

equipment malfunctions, check if the power supply is in place and if the equipment is faulty. Solve these problems 

and optimize the production process.

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