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What to do if the hot press cannot start

As a commonly used equipment in sheet metal production, the frequency of use of hot press machines is very high. 

If problems are found during startup, they need to be solved as soon as possible, which will not affect work or 



If you encounter a situation where the hot press cannot start, first check whether the power supply is started. If the

 power supply is not properly plugged in, it is easy to solve the problem beyond the circuit system. In addition, it is 

necessary to check the circuit technology equipment, motor, oil pump, etc. After eliminating the circuit problem, 

check the valve group. If it is severely damaged, it needs to be replaced with a new one to not affect normal 


After checking the above issues, the problem cannot be found. It is necessary to check the electrical appliances 

related to the hot press machine to identify the problem and solve it. If you still cannot find it yourself, you can only 

seek professional help.

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