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What are the principles to follow when choosing a hot press machine

Choosing a good hot press machine can provide us with assistance in our work. If the quality chosen is not very good, we may have to go through continuous maintenance in the later stages. How to choose a good hot press machine and what principles are there for us to refer to?


When selecting a hot press machine, the requirements for the sealing ring are that the material used should not bond with metal, as some collisions may occur during work. If bonding occurs, it will affect its use, and the sealing effect will become unsatisfactory, leading to the shutdown of the machine equipment. Even seemingly small accessories cannot be ignored. Basically, the accessories on the equipment are not used for no reason and have their own purposes.

This is mainly because the various components of this product collide during use. If there is bonding, it may cause the machine to stop running. In addition, it is also required to have oil resistance characteristics. Some materials that react with oil may not have the effect of preventing oil volatilization, which is also a problem that needs to be noted in production. Through the above points, we can help us choose a suitable product.

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