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Shandong collage machine manufacturer will tell you about the product performance

Panel collator is the most commonly used equipment in the panel industry. How about its performance? Today, we Shandong panel collage machine manufacturer will tell you more about it. I hope it will be helpful for you to choose this product.


It can produce more than one plate at a time, and the production efficiency is very high. Our panel collator adopts advanced production technology, which can effectively improve the output rate of panel manufacturers and meet the basic production needs.

It can be produced continuously. Our equipment can work continuously for a long time at most, which can meet the production needs of plate manufacturers. Especially in the period of short construction period and heavy task, the high-quality characteristics of our plate splicing machine will be more obvious.

Long use time. Our collage machine has a very long service life and is durable. It can meet the basic production time of the manufacturer and ensure the production cost and profit of the enterprise.

The produced plate has small error and belongs to fine production equipment, which is more suitable for manufacturers with high specification plate requirements.

The above is the performance of our panel collator. Welcome to our factory for customization.

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