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How to deal with the abnormal noise of the panel collator

Plate collage machine is an important equipment for compressing plates. Many wood manufacturers are using plate collage machine for production. We Shandong plate collage machine manufacturer will tell you how to deal with the abnormal noise of our equipment, hoping to help you.


Increase the use of lubricating oil in time to ensure that the lubricating degree of products is sufficient. Generally, this is the case, so when our equipment has abnormal noise, we can use this method to eliminate it.

Tighten the turnbuckle. It may be that the turnbuckle of our equipment is loose due to long-term use, so we can use this method to try to solve the problem.

The replacement of parts may be due to the damage of some parts. We need to replace them in time so as not to affect our normal use.

In order to effectively avoid the abnormal noise of our panel collage machine, we'd better carry out regular and regular maintenance to ensure our smooth production. Welcome to our factory for ordering.

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