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Learn how to solve the problem of the puzzle machine in one minute

What should I do if the jigsaw machine fails during use? Don't panic. Let's take a look at this article. The following summarizes how to solve the problem when the jigsaw machine fails during use.

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1. Too much glue causes the glue to overflow on the upper and lower plates, or the wood has serious scars, just use stainless steel welding rod to repair the penetration part and polish it.

2. In most cases, it is caused by improper use and mismatch of cathode and anode current. After changing the imposition thickness, the high frequency must be re-adjusted.

When the jigsaw puzzle breaks down, you should check the above two points first. Of course, to avoid the occurrence of failures, proper training of operators is also necessary. This can avoid total failures and extend the life of the jigsaw.

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