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What should be paid attention to when using a constant temperature hot press

There are many types of hot press machines, and constant temperature hot press machines are also commonly used. There are also some details that need to be paid attention to when using them in order to bring better usage results.


The power voltage fluctuation of the constant temperature hot press machine is relatively small, and the ambient temperature is below 30 degrees Celsius. The relative temperature used is below 80%. When installing the hot press, the position should be far away from the vibration source, avoid direct sunlight and thermal radiation, as well as avoid the influence of humidity and airflow to avoid greater losses. If there is a vibration source near the machine tool, anti vibration grooves should be set up around the machine, otherwise it will affect the stability and processing accuracy of the hot press. Therefore, it is necessary to pay real-time attention to the status of the components and adjust them promptly if there are any faults.

Understanding the usage knowledge of hot press machines can help us better apply them. Even if there is a problem, there is no need to panic. To solve the problem, we need to check which factors are causing it.

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