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Are there any restrictions on the use of jigsaw puzzle

The use of jigsaw puzzle is in wood processing, and not all industries use it. This is inevitable. In addition to the industry, its use is also limited. Under certain conditions, the use effect is better and the service life can be extended.


First of all, let's talk about the requirements of the surrounding environment for the use of the jigsaw puzzle. When the equipment is running, the humidity should be controlled in the range of 30% ~ 90%, and the temperature should be 0-45 ℃. In this range, the effect is relatively good. With the enhancement of environmental awareness, the dust concentration in the working environment is less than 10mg / m3. With these, the installation position should avoid direct sunlight. Generally, it is installed indoors, so there is no need to worry about this.

When the jigsaw puzzle is installed, it should be reminded to stay away from the vibration source. There should be no conductive dust in the environment of the workshop. The ground should be flat and clean, and independent power protection switch should be set. Only under these conditions can the jigsaw puzzle be used better.

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