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How to install the bobbin of the splicing machine

After learning how to replace the bobbin of the jigsaw, you can replace it yourself, or you can ask the after-sales service personnel to help you complete it. Next, we will show you how to replace it.


To replace the bobbin, first lift the protective cover, then move Go to the bobbin, rotate anticlockwise to move away from the current position, remove the mesh fabric from the new bobbin, install the bobbin of the jigger to the corresponding position, lock it clockwise, put the glue line through the porcelain eye, and then put the protective cover back to the original position. Basically, one bobbin is installed, and after installation, you can also properly debug it to see if it is correct, Whether the installation position is appropriate will affect the normal operation of the board splicing machine. If it is not appropriate after the test, continue to repeat the above steps and do a good job in the corresponding debugging. If it works normally, it is really installed.

In fact, the installation of the bobbin is not complicated. Choosing the appropriate model and then installing it according to the above method can basically solve the problem.

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