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Why there is a delay in the work of the jigsaw puzzle


If there is a delay in the work of the splicing machine, it will reduce the work efficiency. In order to work better, it is also necessary to keep the equipment running smoothly. If the delay is found, it can be stopped for inspection. What factors are causing the delay? It is necessary to check whether there are problems in the control box and whether the connection between the control box and the switchboard is smooth. This is the key to smooth operation, and it is also an easy problem to eliminate.

Then check whether the signal line is loose or disconnected. Sometimes the staff will kick off the signal line when walking, or touch the signal line in a small way, causing it to fail to operate normally. Reconnect it.

It can also be seen from the above two factors that the slow operation of the board splicing machine is basically caused by poor lines. Checking the lines and signal lines can basically solve this problem. Troubleshooting the problem, there are not many factors that can occur, which is also convenient for us to check.

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