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What's wrong with the blocked transmission of the jigsaw puzzle

The splicing machine can operate normally to improve the working efficiency. If it is blocked during operation, it will definitely affect the work. Check what causes it. If it is a simple blockage, remove the upper plate. If it is more serious, stop the machine for inspection.


If the running board splicing machine suddenly stops running, it means that the upper board will be damaged, which will also affect the normal work. At this time, it is necessary to stop the machine to check whether there is a problem with the control box and whether the connection with the switchboard is smooth, because this part is related to the entire control system. If there is no problem in the background, it will directly affect the processing operation.

Secondly, check whether each signal line is loose or broken. Sometimes when you walk past without information, you kick it, which will lead to the failure of normal operation. The natural operation is blocked, which is often caused by these small problems.

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