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What is the reason why the splicing machine cannot be heated normally

The use of the splicing machine is an important process in the plate production. Some problems may be encountered after a long time of use, such as abnormal heating. What are the causes and how to solve them?


If the power of the jigsaw puzzle is not fully turned on, some parts cannot be heated normally, that is to say, its power cannot be reached, which will also affect its use. As for the heating material, what kind of heating material is the pendant? Iron has high permeability and is easier to be heated. If the large pure iron material Rio is used, the heating speed is faster. If it is not pure iron, the heating speed will be slower.

It is said that the resonance relationship of the coil month equipment of the splicing machine selected with materials does not match, which causes the heating failure. If the heating workpiece is too small, it will not be heated. It can be improved. The inductance of the heating workpiece changes greatly. It can be solved by adding appropriate accessories such as transformers, and understanding the reason for not heating can further solve the problem.

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