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What problems and solutions may appear in the process of using the jigsaw puzzle machine

Editor: Senyuan jigsaw puzzle               Time: December 26, 2020

Jigsaw puzzle is a kind of machine which is often used in our automation machinery. Any product can't leave the factory without the function of machine. The realization of product value depends on the achievement of machinery. The jigsaw puzzle is the main equipment in the production process, and it is the equipment that determines its quality. Therefore, when manufacturers choose it, they should first consider its performance in all aspects.

Jigsaw puzzle

The troubles of the jigsaw puzzle machine are as follows:

1.One Plate ignition refers to the plate discharge caused by short circuit or over-current. The solution is to find out the cause of ignition first. In general, several common cases are that too much glue causes glue to overflow to the upper and lower plates, or the wood has serious scars. After finding out the cause, the ignition place can be polished smooth. In another case, there may be metal objects in the wood that cause the upper and lower plates to short circuit The situation of ignition will be serious, and the electrode plate may be penetrated. The penetrated part can be repaired with stainless steel electrode and then polished.

2. The over-current is basically caused by improper use and adjustment of customers, and mismatch of anode and grid current. The operators are generally skilled electricians and receive professional training from high-frequency manufacturers. After changing the panel thickness, the high-frequency must be adjusted again. In addition, if the operators are changed frequently, all kinds of troubles will arise because the new operators are not familiar with them.Some small parts manufacturers will give away some free of charge when delivering goods, or discuss with the manufacturers to prepare some vulnerable parts, so as not to delay the production cycle due to the equipment waiting due to the remote road.

Jigsaw puzzle

For some manufacturers who often use jigsaw puzzle, they have accumulated some practical experience in purchasing jigsaw puzzle. However, as a new investment manufacturer, although they will have a specific understanding of it, they have no practical experience after all, so there will be some hidden dangers in purchasing equipment. It affects the production quality of products.

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