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What problems should be paid attention to in the correct operation of the jigsaw

Editor: Mori board making machine                      time: December 19, 2020

Press the power switch first. After power on, first press the reverse button to clamp the reverse direction, and then press the forward rotation button. Press the forward button of the material rack to make it press on the circular tube of the material rack, and stop the rod automatically. The jigsaw starts to assemble or unload the plate. Clamp or loosen the pressing plate from the plane, and press it with the hanging cylinder from above. The plates less than 30 mm were pressed with three groups of auxiliary. After pressing, the two hanging cylinders return to both sides of the bracket panel to check that there is no obstacle, and press the start button again, so as to cycle operation.


Matters needing attention of the jigsaw:

1. When the equipment crawler is running, the two suspension cylinders must return to both sides of the support panel.

2. It is strictly forbidden to press on the material rack to continue to rotate forward when clamping the specific forward rotation, resulting in major equipment violation accidents.

3. Clear the board blocks and other obstacles in the specific rotary space, so as to make the jigsaw run smoothly.

4. The gas supply of the gas circuit should work closely with the electrical appliances.

5. When shunting is installed at one-way throttle valve, mark shall be left when the backout air cylinder of material rack is synchronized. No one can single, close or throttle, which will affect the service life of the yielding air cylinder.

6. When splicing, the panel machine stops automatically, and the parking position is pressed on the pipe of the material rack.


It can be seen that the jigsaw has played a very important role in the building materials industry. It is not only an inheritance of the previous construction machinery, but also absorbs the scientific elements of the new machinery.

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