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What is the operating process of the splicing machine

The operation of the splicing machine has its corresponding process, and basic daily work cannot be separated from this process. Mastering the operation process is also a skilled operation of the equipment. Next, let's take a look at how to complete the entire operation of the work together.


The operation of the splicing machine is to apply glue on the control panel that is waiting for assembly. The effect of using double-sided glue is relatively good. According to the required technical standards, place the board on top to drive the valve, gently press the load-bearing beam downwards to make it flat and fix the fixed board, and use the image clip on the splicing machine to fix the board.

After confirming the above work, reset the pull valve and press the load-bearing beam upwards to loosen the board. Wait for the set time or at the next step to remove the board and wait for it to dry. This process is repeated, which means going through the operation process of the splicing machine.

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