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Correct method of cleaning hot press

The hot press goes through a lot of work every day, some are running 24 hours a day, and some are running half the time. No matter how long it runs, there is a cleaning process when it is shut down. Simple cleaning is carried out every day. After a long time, fixed large cleaning can maintain the use of the hot press.


Do a good job before cleaning the hot press. First, cut off the power supply, clean up the part of the hot press format, search ouming during extended use, check whether the connection is normal and whether there is oil leakage, clean up some broken plates on the hot press, and check whether there is any abnormality before opening and operation every day, Through these, we can also understand that cleaning the hot press is not a simple cleaning. We should do a good job of inspection while cleaning. The daily maintenance work cannot be less. Only when the work is done in place can its service life be prolonged.

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