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Why the boards spliced by the splicing machine are not dense

The splicing machine has replaced manual operation in many plate manufacturers to improve work efficiency. However, in the process of splicing, it is also found that sometimes the splicing effect is not ideal and tight. What is the reason for this?


In case of problems, we have to solve them. If the density of the boards spliced by the splicing machine is not only, check whether the edges of the next board are processed smoothly, and the splicing effect will be better after the edges are processed. This phenomenon also occurs when the clamping force is not enough during splicing, just increase the clamping force.

Damage to the panel clip will lead to deformation of the panel. Repairing and updating the panel clip can improve this situation. When it comes to panel clamps, the tightness of the plates produced by the unreasonable clamping position is naturally affected. Adjusting the position of the panel clamps can solve this problem and improve the splicing quality of the plates.

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