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What are the requirements to be met in the production of the jigsaw

As an important wood machinery used in wood industry, in order to work smoothly, how to meet the needs of production?

1. The production of plywood machine needs to meet the production of different thicknesses of plates. At present, the thickness of plates produced on the market is between 1 mm and 4 mm, so that the thickness can be adjusted to meet the basic needs of use.

2. The operation of the equipment is an important issue after the purchase. The simple operation of the jigsaw is very important. The workers can complete it efficiently when they learn it, so that the employees will not learn it for a long time. If there is a change of staff, learning will become a problem. Therefore, the operation must be simple.

3. Encoder counting is an important part of the jigsaw. It can calculate the data of the plate and reduce the production error as much as possible.

4. Nowadays, most of the jigsaw machines are set by touch screen, so the visual operation is clearer.

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