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Correct selection of cold press.

 Cold press, as an important equipment in wood plate production, can be said to be equipped in every plate factory. Did you choose the right one when choosing it, and was it easy to use?


It is difficult for people with phobia of choice to choose a piece of equipment. Moreover, there are still so many cold presses on the market. Here's a suggestion for these friends. First, look at the performance. The more stable the performance of the selected cold press is, the better. If this can't be guaranteed, it will be prone to failure during later operation, and some even damage components. It will be troublesome to purchase accessories in the follow-up, and it is necessary to find a manufacturer to repair it. In this case, it is necessary to consider whether the selected manufacturer is helpful. Many cold presses are selected from different places, so it is troublesome for manufacturers to maintain them. Before buying them, you need to consult them, whether you can come over for maintenance inspection, and how long the warranty period is. These are all related to the after-sales use, so you must ask them in place.

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