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Simply understand the current situation of panel splicing machinery


It has been more than ten years since the development of China's integrated materials. China's science and technology has developed rapidly, but it is still a little backward in the panel splicing machine, and the production rate is not very high. Today we will learn about the current situation of panel splicing machine.

1. quality

In principle, the smaller the unevenness of the splicing plate, the better the accuracy of the surrounding dimensions, so as to reduce the processing amount and waste of surplus materials.

2. efficiency

As far as the machine itself is concerned, the efficiency of the heated panel splicing machine is higher than that of the cold panel splicing machine, and that of the panel splicing machine with the feeding and discharging worktable is higher than that of the fixed worktable.

3. energy saving

From the perspective of processing finished products, the better the quality of splicing finished products, the less waste products, and the smaller the amount of subsequent processing, the more energy-saving.

4. environmental protection

The temperature of the hot splicing machine is higher than that of the cold splicing machine. There is radiation problem in high frequency panel collator, which is more polluted than other panel collators.

The users of panel machinery shall select according to their own product characteristics, quality requirements, site characteristics, desired efficiency, price and other factors.

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