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How to improve the efficiency of sander

If the same sander can be adjusted to improve the working efficiency, I believe that this is the result that all users want to see, then how to improve the working efficiency of sander?

First of all, install the safety protective cover on the sander, use it more accurately, ensure that the equipment can work normally when starting up and running, and stop the machine for inspection if there is any obstacle. In the feeding process, ensure the flatness of the worktable and the speed of material transportation, so as to improve the working efficiency. In the process of feeding, we should pay attention to the big head first, and pay attention to avoid being hurt by the rebound of wood at any time.

Adjust the transportation speed when delivering materials. If necessary, adjust it during transportation. Do not lower the processing wood before it is planed out to avoid damaging the lifting equipment; after the equipment is used, one process is to turn off the power supply and clean the machine to avoid the influence of the next day's operation caused by the residues in the machine. Through these details, the working efficiency of the sander can be improved.

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