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How to adjust sanding machine assembly line after long use

The mechanical equipment needs adjustment and maintenance after long-term operation. Although the machinery is operated by technical system, it also needs rest. Overload operation will affect its service life. In order to better run the sanding machine assembly line, the adjustment and repair work after use should be done.

The work of sanding machine assembly line is to adjust the worktable, keep the horizontal position, after adjustment, remove the debris, and set the thickness to zero. After the adjustment, another step is to remove the belt. This process will be used when adjusting the thickness roller and pressure roller. Because of the position of the belt, there will be frequent loading and unloading process.

Since it is to adjust the belt, it is necessary to adjust the swing of the belt, which is controlled by the photoelectric switch. The swing benchmark of the belt can be changed by adjusting its position. Generally, it is 1cm away from the edge of the stick. The left and right protective fibers of the belt are controlled by two pairs of photoelectric tubes, and the benchmark is at the edge of the stick, and the machine can be stopped at this position.

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